Mesoestetic Sensitive Skin Kit


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Products included in this kit:


A soothing and decongesting cream that help minimise skin irritation in hyper reactive and sensitised skins, by acting on the impaired micro-capillaries on the skin’s surface. This product is applied twice daily as your gentle moisturiser.

Hydra milk cleanser:

A soothing and calming cleansing milk that removes make-up and impurities whilst providing intense moisture, leaving the skin with a velvety finish. This product must be used twice daily prior to product application.

Mineral matt antiaging fluid:

Designed for sensitive, combination and oily skin. It’s a light anti-aging emulsion with very high sun protection. Its formula is based on physical filters which ensures extreme dermal tolerance for sensitive and damaged skin. Its texture provides a powdery finish and absorbs excess oiliness and shine. Non-comedogenic, water resistant state-of-the-art technology combines the highest solar protection, with anti-aging benefits. Water Resistant. Applied every morning and reapplied during the course of the day if sun-exposed.

Stem cell serum:

An ultra-concentrated serum, which acts as a shock treatment for cellular renewal and intense moisture. The vegetable stem cell concentrate reactivates the renewal process, slowing the degradation of the cells and improving the skin’s integrity to help repair deep wrinkles. *Excellent to use post-procedure to fast track skin recovery. This product is applied once or twice a week at night prior to application of your moisturiser.

Additional information



As per individual products.

Skin Type

Dry and Sensitive skin.

Application ares


When to use



Sensitivity/allergy to any of the active ingredients.