DermExcel Treatment Packs: Pigmentation


The DermExcel Treatment Packs: Pigmentation:

The Pigmentation treatment kit consists of the following active products:

Renewal Facial Cleanser: 175ml
Collagen Serum: 30ml
Glycolic/Radiant gel: 30ml
Retinol Serum: 30ml

Inhibit Pigment Enzymes:
Inhibit the enzymes responsible for pigmentation with Retinoid – a tyrosinase inhibitor.

Prevent pigment transfer:
Inhibit the transfer of pigment to skin cells with Niacinamide – a melanosome transfer inhibitor.

Inhibit pigment formation:
Inhibit the formation of pigment with Vitamin C, Retinoid and sunscreen – melanin formation inhibitors.

Resurface new skin cells:
Remove the damaged top skin layer and reveal a more even-toned complexion with Glycolic acid – a Keratolytic. Glycolic acid penetrates deeper than any other AHA, resulting in more effective peeling of the pigmented skin cells.

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Additional information


Full ingredient listing can be found on each of the individual product pages.

How to Use

1. Renewal Facial cleanser
2. Collagen serum
1. Renewal Facial cleanser
2. Retinol serum , Radiant gel (2 times per week instead of Retinol serum)


Sensitivity/allergy to any of the active ingredients. Open Wounds/active infections. Pregnancy.

When to Use

AM and PM.

Skin Type

Pigmentation. Not for sensitive or dry skin types.

Application Area