Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack


Pimples. Who needs ‘em, right? Doctors call them acne vulgaris. Either way, these nasty little things have got to go – and stay away for good. Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack tackles problematic and acne-prone skin from two angles to clear 88% of inflammatory acne lesions in a few weeks (and keep them away).

Treatmen Kit consists of:

Clarity Cleanser – with salicylic acid as its’ main active ingredient, this cleanser helps to removed oil and dirt from deep with the pores. Unclogged pores means less congestion and problematic skin. This cleanser is best used twice daily.

Clarity AM – this morning moisturiser has all the actives needed to treat and prevent further pimple formation. In addition to the treatment actives, it contains calming and soothing ingredients to target those angry and inflamed white heads.

Clarity PM – this evening moisturiser includes the gold standard for pimple management – retinol. Lamelle uses what is called a “retinol ester”, which has been shown to reduce the redness, dryness  and flaking that is usually associated with retinol usage. All the results, without the flake!

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Additional information

Application ares
When to Use (AM or PM)
Special Precuations


Key Ingredients
How to Use
Full Ingredients

As per individual products.

Full Ingrediants
Contraindications (pregnancy etc)
When to Use

Clarity Cleanser – AM, PM. Clarity AM – AM. Clarity PM – PM. Active control – when needed.


As per individual products.


Sensitivity/allergy to any of the active ingredients. Pregnancy and breastfeeding for Clarity PM.

Application Area


Skin Type

Oily and normal.