Lamelle Dermaheal Growth Factor Sheet Mask


Lamelle Dermaheal Growth Factor Sheet Mask is a single-use sheet containing a high concentration of active ingredients in a gel-like serum formula. A great anti-ageing product.

Key ingredients include skin-specific growth factors that help increase cellular stimulation and regeneration whilst calming skin. The gel base supports skin-cooling, especially post-treatments that may cause temporary disruption to the skin barrier, such as needling, mesotherapy or microdermabrasion. Arbutin assists by reducing melanin formation during the inflammatory stage to prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates and assists with the healing of the skin by stimulating cell proliferation and migration.

Strong antioxidant that reduces free radicals and inhibits the aging of skin cells. Keeps skin radiant and velvety-soft by actively supplying nourishment. Increases collagen and elastin level and reduces blotchiness.

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One sheet mask.

Key Ingredients

Growth factors, Arbutin, Hyaluronic acid.

Full Ingredients

Water (aqua), glycerin. butylene glycol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, portulaca oleracea extract, hamamelis virginiana witch hazel) water, hydrolyzed collagen, beta-glucan, xanthan gum, arbutin, phenoxyethanol, glycine sojat (soybean) oil, hydrogenated lecithin, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, polysorbate 80, disodium edta, fragrance (parfum), copper tripeptide-1, sh-oligopeptide-1, sh-oligopeptide-2, sh-polypeptide-1, sh-polypeptide-2.

How to Use

1. Remove the cotton cut-out from the foil pouch 2. Open up the mask and orientate it to the face. The Growth Factor sheet mask is cut out in the areas for the eyes, nose and mouth. 3. Apply the mask over the face and smooth down. Remove air pockets by smoothing down from the centre of the face. 4. The Growth factor sheet mask can be left in position for anything from 10 to 25 minutes depending on the amount of irritation of the skin. 5. Once the mask has been removed and discarded the excess remaining gel can be utilized as a serum after removal or kept for additional application later.


Sensitivity/allergy to any of the active ingredients. Pregnancy due to RA ester.

Skin Type

Mature, dry and sensitive skins.

Application Area